A husband & wife

Luke + Halle = Lulle

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A husband & wife

Our story

I'ts not perfect, but it's ours

We met back in 2013 at Bethel University, a small private Christian university where we both ran track and field. Halle was a distance runner, and Luke was a sprinter. Luke wanted to ask Halle out and so one day he said "can I be frank?" and Halle's response was... 

"Who is frank?"

After going on a few dates, Luke wanted to make it official - so one day he told her he liked her and wanted to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Halle said she likes him too, so Luke put out his hand and he said "it's official"

2-So, it's official

So we shook on it

After multiple years of dating, it was time for Luke to pop the question. This is a long story, but long story short he was so nervous and started crying. Halle couldn't understand what he was saying and thought he was breaking up with her.... 

4-The breakup proposal

We loved photography, it was a hobby we loved doing together. Slowly it went from a hobby, to a side hustle and we began documenting friends weddings and so back in 2016, before we were engaged....

3-from hobby
to side hustle

We had a simple wedding and it was the best day of our lives. When they announced us husband and wife, we shook on it - of course - before the kiss. To this day one of our biggest regrets was not hiring a videographer - which is part of the reason we decided to add videography. And so...

He proposed instead

Lulle Films was born

1-He asks her out

5-the wedding

Lulle Photo was born

Oh the places we've been

Most winters, we pack up our Prius and spend a couple months traveling the country living on the road. This is the perfect opportunity to hire us for your wedding or elopement while we are already on the road! That said, we are always up for travel, connect with us to see how we can serve you!

Always up for the next adventure

We have had the honor of being able to travel and document couples weddings all over the United States. Some of the places we've been (beyond our home state of Minnesota) include California, Arizona, Utah, New York, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and more~ 

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150 +
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8 years
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We truly believe in telling YOUR story. That means that all that we do is a reflection of you guys. Let's go on a double date to your favorite coffee shop, the place where you went on your first date, or let's go for a hike or bike ride - whatever it is that gives you life, let's do that! We are here for it!


Wedding videographer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Wedding Photographer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Meet Halle

I absolutely love photographing couples and telling their love stories. You will oftentimes find me crying behind the camera during a first look for wedding ceremony because I truly feel so honored to do what I do. Being a wedding photographer is not something I have ever taken for granted - It truly is a privillege to take photos that will last a lfietime.

A few random facts about me; I’m hopelessly obsessed with my shihtzu, I have a fear of cotton balls, and I don’t not believe in the possibility of Sasquatch. In my free time, I love running, biking, and camping. I feel like I’m always daydreaming about our next adventure. 

When it comes to my work, I will 100% do whatever it takes to get the shots you want - and you’ll be glad you hired me for your next adventure! If you're smart and hire both of us, you might even catch me on Luke's shoulders at some point - it's kinda this thing we do :)

Meet Luke

Hey there, I'm Luke! Halle calls me Lukeypoo, and if she tells you that's what I like being called, be skeptical. 

In my opinion, in order to get the full experience of having your story documented, video is an essential part. To this day, I regret not having a wedding film, and that is a big reason as to why we started offering videography. After filming our first wedding, I was hooked and have since retired from photography to give my full time and attention to the video aspect of storytelling. 

When I’m not shooting a wedding, you’ll usually find me working on some sort of remodeling project on our home or riding my bike somewhere on the trails. I really enjoy camping, biking, hiking, kayaking, and exploring new places with Halle and our amazingly adorable pup. 

Luke + Halle = Lulle



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