Top 10 engagement session locations in Minneapolis

Engaged couple embracing on the stone arch bridge in Minneapolis during their engagement session

Congratulations on your engagement! There’s nothing more exciting than getting to marry your best friend. Now comes the fun task of picking out where to have your engagement photos taken! to lush gardens, there’s something for everyone in Minneapolis. While Minneapolis offers a wealth of beautiful locations for photos, it can make tough to pick just one location for your engagement session. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the top 10 engagement session locations in Minneapolis. Some of these locations are close to one another and so if you’re strategic, you might be able to hit up a few of these on the for your Minneapolis engagement photos!

10 Best Locations for Engagement Photos in Minneapolis

The Stone Arch Bridge

This iconic Minneapolis landmark is the perfect backdrop for your engagement photos. The bridge spans the Mississippi River and provides gorgeous views of downtown Minneapolis.

Minnehaha Falls

For a romantic and natural setting, head to Minnehaha Falls. This spot is especially popular in the spring and summer when the waterfall is flowing at its fullest. The falls are located in Minnehaha Park, which also features beautiful gardens and walking trails. If you go just a little further south, there are some fun fields and oak trees.

Nicollet Island

Nicollet Island is a small island located in the Mississippi River near downtown Minneapolis. The island is home to a variety of trees and flowers, making it a perfect spot for nature-inspired engagement photos. If you head over to the Nicollet Island Pavillion and the third avenue bridge, you’ll see some sweet trails that go alongside the river. With multiple bridges, unique architecture, and park trails, this is a location you’ll surely love.

The Minneapolis Skyline

For breathtaking views of Minneapolis, head to one of the city’s many skyway bridges or top of a parking garage. The bridges offer stunning panoramas of the Minneapolis skyline and the surrounding area. Washington Avenue and the skyway have a some cute coffee shops you can stop by such as penny’s coffee – making a perfect detour as you tour the skyway. Also, if you head up to the top of a parking garage you may just find a romantic view overlooking the Minneapolis skyline. Bring a pizza or pack a picnic and enjoy the views for a fun take on your engagement session!

Loring Park:

Loring Park is a beautiful green space located in downtown Minneapolis. The park features walking trails, gardens, and a pond – perfect for a romantic stroll or picnic.

Mill City Museum

The Mill City Museum is located in the historic mill district of Minneapolis. The museum offers a unique setting for your engagement photos, with its brick buildings and industrial machinery. The Mill City Ruins are just below the stone arch bridge and also make for a stunning location.

Lake Harriet

Lake Harriet is a popular Minneapolis lake, located in the southwest corner of the city. The lake is surrounded by walking and biking trails, making it a great spot for an active engagement photo session. Want to make it even more fun? Stop by the concession stand and grab some food and have a picnic at the park!

The Minneapolis Institute of Art

For a truly unique setting, consider having your engagement photos taken at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. The museum’s neoclassical architecture and art collection provide a one-of-a-kind backdrop for your photos. You will need to obtain approval prior from the MIA.

Boom Island

Boom Island is one of my favorites because it offers stunning views of the Minneapolis skyline. It’s also a great place for couples who want an urban feel to their photos but don’t want to be right in the middle of downtown.This park located right on the river and there are plenty of trees and greenery making it a great location for nature lovers.

Saint Anthony Main

There are so many cute cafes and restaurants in Saint Anthony Main making it a quaint and cute street for photos. There’s also the theater and a path that goes right to the falls. This is a great place to meet up and start your engagement session. Even just going on a walk from this area will take you to many scenic locations and fun architecture.

How to choose a location for your engagement session

There are a few things to consider when choosing a location for your engagement session. The first is the time of year. If you’re getting married in the winter, you may want to choose a location with snow. If you’re getting married in the summer, you might want to choose a location with flowers.

The second thing to consider is the time of day. If you’re getting married in the evening, you may want to choose a location with twinkling lights. If you’re getting married in the morning, you might want to choose a location with soft light.

The third thing to consider is your own personal style. Do you prefer urban or rural locations? Do you like industrial or natural settings.

Another thing to keep in mind is the type of feel you want for your photos. Are you looking for something more urban and edgy? Then Downtown Minneapolis might be the right fit for you. Or maybe you’re envisioning something more romantic and whimsical? In that case, one of Minneapolis’ many parks would be perfect.


We hope this list of top 10 engagement session locations in Minneapolis has inspired you with some ideas for your Minneapolis engagement photos! Minneapolis is a beautiful city with so many amazing locations for engagement session photography. No matter where you decide to do your photos, make sure that it’s someplace that represents you and your style. Just because it’s a popular place doesn’t mean you have to take your photos there!

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