winter wedding at catalyst naturelink bride and groom portraits

Winter Wedding at Catalyst Naturelink

About this winter wedding at Catalyst Nature Link

December is the perfect time of year to have a winter wedding at Catalyst by Nature Link. Makayla and Caleb are the most fun-loving, joy-filled couple. They chose to get married at Catalyst because it is such a beautiful space and highlights the beauty that Northern Minnesota has to offer – which is where Makayla grew up. Both families and friends came together to celebrate the couple and it was filled with so much laughter, meaningful conversations, and overall the space that was created was so sacred and christ-centered. All day long Makayla just couldn’t stop

Wedding Vendors for the Winter Wedding at Catalyst

Venue: Catalyst by Nature Link
Photography: Lulle Photo & Film
DJ: Benny Nord
Floral: Olivia Abban
Dessert: Knotty Pine Bakery
Catering: Pit Happens Catering
Rentals: Revelyn
Drinks: Liquid Motion

Winter Wedding Photography at Catalyst Nature Link

Getting Married at Catalyst in the Winter

Winter is a perfect time to get married at Catalyst Nature Link. The venue is so versatile for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies, making the transition from ceremony to reception incredibly seamless no matter where you decide to have you ceremony. The weather can be hit or miss when it comes to temperature, and so having a cozy blanket on hand for outdoor photos was extremely helpful. We chose to do the first look and bridal party photos right outside the venue, just a short walk down the path overlooking the lake and that was perfect. It was easy to step inside to warm up in between photos and take breaks as needed with the cold winter wedding.

As a wedding photographer, capturing the essence of a winter wedding at Catalyst Nature Link in Minnesota is an unforgettable experience. The ceremony took place in front of the venue’s stunning fireplace, a focal point that added warmth and romance to the occasion. The beautiful large windows surrounding the space framed the picturesque scene outside, showcasing tall pine trees and a mesmerizing frozen lake, creating a magical backdrop for the couple’s vows.

The way the snow blanketed the landscape outside these windows enhanced the beauty of the winter wedding theme. The natural light filtering through the glass highlighted the couple’s joy, making every photo I took there truly special. Inside Catalyst Nature Link, the decor was a perfect blend of modern elegance and cozy charm, reflecting the couple’s down-to-earth personality. The warm lighting inside complemented the winter ambiance, adding to the intimacy of the ceremony.

What made this winter wedding at Catalyst Nature Link particularly special was the interplay between the venue’s contemporary features, the warmth of the fireplace, and the stunning winter environment outside. The couple’s happiness was palpable, especially against the backdrop of the snowy landscape, pine trees, and the frozen lake visible through the large windows. As their photographer, capturing these moments in such a harmonious setting was not just about the beauty of the venue; it was about how everything came together to create an exceptionally beautiful and memorable winter wedding at Catalyst Nature Link.

Wedding Photography at Catalyst Nature Link

If you are looking at getting married at Catalyst Nature link and want an experienced Minnesota Wedding photographer and videographer to help document your day, consider reaching out to us here at Lulle Photo and Film! We have shot here multiple times and know all of the best spots both at and near the wedding venue for couple and group portraits.

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